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Executive Coaching for CEOs, C-Suite Executives and Executive Directors

Our advanced executive development coaching processes are based on state-of-the art coaching, modern assessments and integrated coaching solutions to meet the needs of today’s world. We offer unique coaching journeys which connect the dots between the latest thinking in terms of integration, neuroscience, consciousness, leadership and creating one's legacy for the enterprise, society, the environment and future generations.

The Transformational Leader

This 12 to 18 months coaching journey expands the CEO’s authentic power, strengthens successful leadership alliances and supports the CEO to engage the board successfully.

With our deeply transformational CEO program, CEOs will aspire to leave a legacy for their enterprise, the environment and for the future generations.

The Authentic Leader

This 6 to 12-month coaching journey offers authentic leadership development for CEOs, C-Suite Executives and Executive Directors.

The deeper we know – and trust – ourselves, the more comfortable we are with navigating uncertainty and the more we are able to trust the process and lead.

This aspect of trust, which comes with expanding our authenticity, results in authentic resilience, serenity and sovereign leadership.

The Transitioning Leader

Executive transitions are high-stakes and high-stress moments in the life of every senior leader. They are also critical moments for the organization, as the success of the executive transition directly impacts how quickly and to what extent the organization will be able to utilize the new executive’s expertise and potential.

Our coaching journeys typically include an assessment of the new organization, culture, team, stakeholders, strategy, assessment of how the leader has been perceived by the previous stakeholders, growth potential and who the leader needs to become in order to be successful.

CEO Branding and Executive Positioning

A strong authentic personal brand will help you increase your visibility, credibility and trust with all stakeholders.

In an age of transparency and constant feedback, who you are as the CEO, how you behave, what you say and how you say things, what values you stand for, what you are all about and how you are perceived, all has a huge impact on how your company is perceived. YOU are the brand.


Nicole is a wonderful coach! The experience with her has not only provided an abundance of „aha-moments“, reflections and tangible action items but also a great hunger and passion to continue working on my personal growth. She has a very natural and unforced way that makes one feel at ease and helps to be open for the process. Throughout the entire journey she is flexible and can adapt to you in a way that makes the experience truly individualised as opposed to running through a framework in a standardised way. With an underlying realism and pragmatism she empowers you to develop actionable goals and plans that feel do-able rather than overwhelming from the get-go. Finally she always brings loads of fun and warmth to the sessions which make them truly enjoyable!

Olivia Kager
Vice President, EMEA Franchise Head at Kyowa Kirin International plc.

Marina is a masterful coach. We have worked together on a variety of leadership topics such as leadership presence, communication and emotional intelligence. Marina's coaching style is empowering and challenging at the same time - combined with her strong strategic business background this makes her an invaluable partner for leaders who want to elevate their game and change the way they show up in their professional life.

Rob Nelson
Head Global Services Outsourcing at Swiss Reinsurance Company

Top Team Alignment & Board Leadership

The Leadership Alliance journey is our unique team executive coaching process based on state-of-the art coaching, modern assessments and integrated coaching solutions to meet the needs of today’s world. These transformational coaching journeys connect the dots between the latest thinking in terms of integration, neuroscience, consciousness, leadership and creating one's legacy for the enterprise, society, the environment and future generations.

Top Team Alignment

Executive Alignment around the Five Driving Forces

The Leadership Alliance journey is for executive teams who wish to journey from good to great – or simply desire to raise their standard together.

A Leadership Alliance is an authentic, intentional and committed relationship between the leadership team members, aligning around a compelling vision, a shared purpose, consciously chosen mindsets, behaviors and ways of working together. We align the executive team around these five driving interdependent forces. When these forces are not aligned, this impacts negatively the team cohesion and efficiency, the business results and the company culture.

What makes our concept different, is how holistic it is. We don't just focus only on the vision, or team norms, or culture. We look at all of those factors holistically, help a leadership team identify where they are today versus where they would like to be – and then take them on that journey as their sparring partners and coaches.

Board Leadership

Board Alignment around the Five Driving Forces

The culture of every organization starts at the top and should therefore be a matter of highest strategic importance and of high interest to the board. Increasingly, boards are asked and challenged to be a true strategic asset to organizations, moving past the outdated mandate rooted purely in governance and oversight.

This poses a question: What is the optimal way in which management teams and boards should work together going forward to successfully master the emerging business challenges? Most leadership teams and boards we work with would agree with the vision of creating a true partnership, however, almost all of them struggle with how to do that.


The Leadership Alliance Culture Model and Coaching Process provides a clear road map to bring teams together around a compelling vision, comprehensive strategy and relentless implementation plan to create effective “working together” to deliver value for all the stakeholders.

Alan Mulally
Former CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Boeing Information, Space and Defense Systems and the Ford Motor Company.

Our decision to embark on an executive team coaching process with Nicole and Marina to re-invent the future of InterApp and re-wire for success has been the best decision ever. As a team, we have learned the value of group coaching and not only did it help us evolve as a team, it has also started a growth process in each individual leader. Through fostering peer support within our executive team, our transformations at the top are now a collective effort made visible in all parts of our organisation. In a short period of time, our change was real, experienced and visible on many levels. We highly recommend Heimann Cvetkovic & Partners for both executive team coaching process and individual coaching processes.

Guido Baldini
CEO InterApp

I very much appreciate the level of senior executives in the virtual roundtables and the openness to share experiences and have meaningful conversations about business challenges. Nicole creates an excellent atmosphere with the way she facilitates and truly delivers value for all attendees.

Dr. Willy Kissling
Professional Board Member

Marina and Nicole is a dynamic high quality team that gently encourages leaders to hear feedback in a way that makes one feel good about the process and at times even more open to tough feedback received in the 360 process.The openness, flexibility and approach used by Nicole and Marina is firstly the best I have seen and used in the many years of being in my role as an executive HR leader. Not only is the approach data driven but also pragmatic and easy to work with. It taps into ones innate leadership qualities and allows one to bring out the best of who you are in a way that enables you to be your true authentic self whilst respecting differences. 

Rochelle Chopamba
Head of HR for Europe & Canada, Takeda

We integrated new team members into our executive team at a very critical time and the structured Leadership Alliance Culture Coaching process by Nicole and Marina brought us together as a team - very quickly and very authentically. We developed a way of working together in a quality that would have been unlikely without this process. It was particularly exciting that we dealt with current issues in the team coaching sessions and found solutions for them within the framework of Leadership Alliance cultural thinking. On the one hand we "got work done" and on the other hand we "grew as people and as a team“. Our culture is "work in progress" and we look forward to continue our collaboration. 

Chief Executive Officer
Company in the Packaging Industry

The webinars led by Nicole have been most inspiring as the moderation by Nicole has been thoughtful always seeking to get all points to a certain topic by involving the right participant. They were very motivating and opened new horizons as they were interdisciplinary in terms of participants coming from different branches and industrial sectors, as well as with a different background, more operational or strategic. You went out of the webinar with new contacts and new opinions, always a benefit!

Madeleine Stöckli Müller
President of the Board, Professional Board Member


Our keynotes create awareness and creating awareness is essentially opening the door to transformation. Through inspiring, moving and thought-provoking keynotes, Nicole and Marina give impulses for transformation on topics such as authentic leadership, leadership alliance, board leadership and the generation question. We are also happy to design individual in-house keynotes for you that are specifically tailored to the needs, wishes and intentions of your executive audience.


Nicole and Marina are represented by one of world's leading speaker agencies Premium Speakers and can be booked at 

Leadership Alliance for Growth

Speakers: Marina Cvetkovic / Nicole Heimann

In the world of virtual interactions, matrix organizations and unprecedented change, alignment has become more challenging than ever. Organizations state they do not want to operate in silos, yet they struggle to find an effective way to do so. Leadership Alliance is a powerful model that provides insight into the key factors needed for true alignment, as well as guidance on how to put these elements into place. It is a transformational model that can be used to align executive team and / or the board, any leadership team as well as for stakeholder management and influencing by any individual leader in the organization. This leads to more effective and meaningful interactions, breaking down the silos, as well as accelerated business performance.

Authentic Leadership Perspectives

Speakers: Nicole Heimann

The pace of change the world of business is experiencing –and its connectivity with deep societal, political and environmental changes- make authentic leadership alliances the most important opportunity for leaders to drive organizational growth and create brave, corporate cultures of cooperation and trust. In this inspirational keynote, Nicole invites her audience to consider the value of authentic leadership, stimulate their own thinking around this important topic, and help them build their own opinions to guide their personal and organizational growth. Authentic Leadership means not only engaging in a process of inner growth to become the best leader you can be, but it also means empowering one’s team to do the same.

Boardroom of the Future

Speakers: Marina Cvetkovic

The role of the board has changed significantly over the past decade. Increasingly, boards are asked and challenged to be a true strategic asset to the organisations, moving past the outdated mandate rooted purely in governance and oversight. This poses a question: what should be the board's role in strategy and innovation? Where is the line (and is there one) between the responsibility of the management and the board in driving innovation? Come hear Marina Cvetkovic, senior board advisor, speak about her view on the topic from her 15+ years in strategy / innovation and working with multiple boards across the globe.

The Generation Question

Speakers: Marina Cvetkovic

Next generation has one thing in common: they want to make an impact. However, many are struggling to make their voices heard - in the world of traditional, hierarchical thinking, they are seen as unexperienced, junior, someone who still has a lot to learn and should for the most part just LISTEN. Designing a future-ready business model, future-proof workplace or long-term sustainability strategy is a top priority for many organizations. Involving future generation of talent and/or customers makes perfect sense. But how? In this talk, Marina shares best practices from her experience in The NextGen Project, global platform for cross-generational exchange between nextgen and executives globally.


Marina did a keynote on the future of the boardroom and specifically board's role in strategy and innovation for my network of innovative business leaders. After having Rita McGrath at our previous event, expectations were pretty high - but Marina did not disappoint! Her insights on the boardroom dynamics and dynamics between the management and the board were spot-on. Engagement and feedback received from the audience was excellent. Looking forward to partnering with Marina again in the future!

Elisabeth Drzaic-Lang
Head of Innovators Serendipity Academy

I had the privilege to have Nicole as a speaker at our Empathic Change summit last year. Nicole luminously closed our conference with her Keynote on What's Love Got To Do With It?. She masterfully brought love in leadership to life and touched the whole audience in a deep way. She authentically embodies her message and inspired everyone in the room with her presence, style and charisma. In my 13 years of professional experience as a curator for C-Level events, this has been truly one of the best talks I witnessed. I therefore strongly recommend Nicole. 

Dr. Hagen Streb
Curator Interactive Summits, Dr. Streb & Collegen GmbH