Nicole and Marina

Leadership Alliances

Driving business results through stronger leadership alliances

Alignment has become more challenging than ever. Executives face a broad range of challenges and none of these are "siloed" challenges. Executive decisions and actions taken will impact the future of the company as well as its whole connected ecosystem. The interconnected challenges of today call for interconnected solutions.


Our Leadership Alliance Signature methodology integrates and aligns on the individual, team and the organizational level. Our whole philosophy is anchored around Top Team Alignment, starting with the CEO and the Chairman of the Board. Our process requires a strong buy-in from the CEO before starting the work. 

The Top Team involved in the program can be:

Board Alignment

  • Board & CEO Alignment
  • Board, CEO & Executive Team Alignment
  • CEO & Executive Team Alignment
The Leadership Alliance Culture

Top Team Alignment around the Five Driving Forces of a Leadership Alliance

We define a Leadership Alliance as an authentic, intentional and committed relationship between the leadership team members, aligning around the five driving forces: a compelling vision, a shared purpose, consciously chosen mindsets, behaviors and ways of working together. When these forces are not aligned, this negatively impacts the team cohesion and efficiency, the company culture and the business results.


A Leadership Alliance Culture is enjoying the process of working together with a conscious leadership alliance mindset and chosen leadership alliance behaviors, connected to a shared purpose and a compelling vision.

The Five Driving Forces:

  • Compelling Vision
    gives focus and direction in creating the future

  • Leadership Alliance Mindset
    the attitude of feeling, thinking and acting in leadership alliances, supporting each other and being supported by others to constantly get better together

  • Working Together Principles
    how we treat each other, how we talk to each other, how we express acknowledgment and appreciation, how we deal with conflicts, how we hold each other accountable and how we celebrate successes

  • Leadership Alliance Behaviours
    leading with increased awareness of productive and unproductive (sabotaging) behaviors and taking responsibility for one‘s impact on the culture.  

  • Shared Purpose
    the „Why?“ we work together. Finding deeper meaning in our work is the emotional fuel that connects and motivates us.

The defining factors in a Leadership Alliance that take executives and top teams from good to great are

Measurable Leadership Growth Guaranteed

Authentic Leadership

Authenticity is a dynamic process of constant evolution into a better version of yourself – a PROCESS that never ends and a conscious choice that goes hand in hand with taking responsibility for your impact. Authentic Leadership expands this process to helping others to become the best version of themselves.

Intention, Action & Commitment

Intention is choice with commitment. The hardest step in achieving anything is making a true commitment—a true decision. You know you’ve truly made a decision when action flows from it. When intention is followed by action and commitment, results follow. 

Alignment & Accountability

Alignment is a critical step in organizational excellence to ensure that all members have the same understanding. However, without true accountability, there is no shift from good to great. Accountability is the sense of ownership, a feeling of being invested in the outcome. This quality of responsibility creates trust.